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On-Site Meeting Managers

What is an On-Site Meeting Manager?

Essentially, an on-site meeting manager is an experienced meeting planning professional who is physically on-location before, during and after a meeting or event to insure a meeting's smooth and seamless execution.  Many times, the on-site manager is an independent contractor who has been hired to serve as an extension of an organization or company.  The manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the explicit details that have been planned by the hiring organization. 


Where Did the Concept of On-Site Meeting Management Come From?

There once was a time when companies employed their own in-house meeting staff to plan, organize and manage meetings and events from inception to fruition.  Today, companies are finding it more cost effective to outsource their meetings and event planning needs to independent meeting planners or specialized meeting management agencies like GCG Event Partners.  Hiring a local meeting manager has proven to be very cost effective.  In-house staff no longer have to travel to every meeting destination which saves money on travel related expenses including transportation and lodging, as well as the loss of productivity having staff continuously out of the office.  

What Services Can An On-Site Meeting Manager Provide?

An On-Site Manager can provide a vast number of services including:

  • meeting with the venue's staff to review meeting specifics, goals and agenda
  • preparing meeting registration area with meeting materials and name badges
  • setting-up meeting signs to efficiently manage traffic flow
  • confirming audio-visual set-up is prepared to client specifications
  • overseeing that speakers, guests are comfortable and their needs are met
  • managing food and beverage set-up and menu
  • monitoring and adjusting the meeting schedule, food and beverage breaks, and other events in coordination with the meeting timeline
  • acting as the meeting liason for the venue staff, the meeting participants, the speakers and the company lead contact
  • supervising the clean-up and break-down of the meeting area
  • coordinating the packing, shipping and delivery of meeting materials from meeting facility as directed by the comany contact

How Much Does This Service Cost?

The cost associated with hiring an on-site meeting manager is usually based on an hourly rate.  When considering your budget, it is important to allocate time for the on-site manager to arrive in advance of the meeting's start time to meet with the venue staff and insure the set-up, menu, audio-visual and room set-up has inspected and arranged to the client's specifications.   Consider adding on sufficient time at the end of the meeting as well so that the on-site meeting manager can gather up materials and complete the tasks as described in the contract.

Where Can I Get More Information About Hiring An On-Site Meeting Manager?

If you are planning a meeting or event, and need assistance, GCG Event Partners has developed a nationwide network of over 1,000 meeting and event planning professionals who can provide you on-site management services.




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