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On-Site Staffing

What is On-Site Staffing?

On-site staffing is the process in which additional staff, usually made up of meeting planning industry professionals, are hired to assist a meeting planner or an on-site meeting manager, at a designated meeting location before, during and after the meeting or event.  The on-site staff is assigned specific job responsibilites and look to the on-site meeting manager for direction.


Where did the Concept of On-Site Staffing Come From?

Depending on the size and complexity of a meeting, mulitiple tasks have to be completed with great precision in order for an event to run smoothly.  One person may have to wear many hats to insure that a meeting's needs are fulfilled.  Meeting managers realized that whether it be just one extra set of hands, or a whole team, hiring on-site staff greatly enhances the chances for a successful program.  It is also more cost effective to outsource on-site staffing needs to independent meeting planners or specialized meeting management agencies because it saves on cost related expenses.  With an nationwide network over 1,000 meeting planning professionals, GCG Event Partners, provides on-site staffing services to support on-site meeting management needs.  Hiring local staff eliminates the cost of air travel and lodging accomodations. 


What Services Can On-Site Staff Provide?

On-site staff is by definintion is an extension of and represents the company or organization that has hired them.  Hiring on-site staff can direclty affect the on-site manager's ability to focus on the key components of managing the meeting. The on-site staff is an effective supplement to the on-site meeting manager and can assist with a variety tasks including:

  • checking-in attendees at a registration table
  • distribute meeting materials
  • scanning badges
  • checking for placement of signage
  • collating meeting materials
  • filling gift bags
  • ushering attendees to open seats
  • monitoring meeting rooms
  • directing attendees to transportation


How Much Does This Service Cost?

The advantages of hiring on-site staff and the customer service it provides, usually far exceeds the costs associated with providing the service.  Fees are usually based on an hourly rate.

Where Can I Get More Information About Hiring On-Site Staff?

Professional Meeting Planning Placement Agencies will be able to provide you with more information about hiring on-site staff.  Contact GCG Event Partners for assistance with supplementing your meeting and event staffing needs.

















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